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Office of International Affairs 홍익대학교 국제협력본부

국제학생지원실 공지사항





时间:9:30 ~ 16:00 (午休 12:00~13:00)

地点:首尔校区 Q楼109 ISL





2nd Group Application (D2 visa extension, ARC)


Date:Sep 21st(Wed)

Time:9:30 ~ 16:00 (Lunch Time 12:00~13:00)

Place:Seoul Campus Q109 ISL


         Originally, we were going to proceed in October, but we discussed it with the immigration office and proceeded right 

         away tomorrow.

         If you are unable to participate in the class on Sep 20 and Sep 21 due to application, 

         Please ask the International Student Support Office for a realted reason form after completing the application. 

        (국제학생지원실 김소영 선생님)