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Hongik University Office of International Affairs


The students from a partner university can apply as an exchange student. If your home institute does not have exchange agreement, you can apply as a visiting student personally. If you want to know whether your institute has an exchange agreement with Hongik, please contact your home university or refer the website pages for sister schools introduction(
For the exchange students, please send all required documents by the deadline after being nominated from your home institution. Visiting students are not required any nomination and just send the documents by the deadline. For more information please refer the Factsheet posted in the notice.
We do not require any language test score. However, if you want to take Korean courses, you need to be capable of having enough Korean language proficiency. The same applies to English classes.
There is no specific format for the portfolio. However, please make sure to submit it in PDF format.
It will be released within a month after the application deadline.


Students from the schools that have an agreement with Hongik Korean Language Institute can take those classes for free. However, if the agreement does not mention about the Korean Language Institute, you can take them with your own expense. Please refer to the factsheet for the tuition fees of the Hongik Korean Language Institute.
You can find it on Hongik University's main website > Quick Links > Major Services(주요서비스) > Timeline Search(시간표검색). The courses have red star marks(*) are by taught in English.
In order to take Korean classes, your Korean should be enough to take the classes offered in Korean and understand it.


All exchange/visiting students must self-quarantine regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. (For 2022, All foreigner have to do self-quarantine for 10 nights(11 days)
We don't provide any accommodation on campus. For self-quarantine, students should find their own accommodation off campus to do quarantine. (If you looking for the quarantine place, we recommend this(

Tuition and Scholarship

It depends on the credits you register. Please refer to the Factsheet for more information.
There are no scholarships for the exchange/visiting students.

Visa, Alien Registration Card(ARC), Health Insurance

After entering Korea, you will be required to make the ARC. The ARC will be issued considering the end date of your study. Therefore, the ARC expiration date is the same as the period you are allowed to stay in Korea.
All exchange/visiting students are registered to the Korea National Health Insurance. Therefore, you don't need any other insurance related to exchange students, such as traveler insurance. It is possible to subscribe the other insurance if you want. However, since the Korean National Health Insurance is mandatory, the insurance fee will be doubled up.
It is a mandatory. You will be signed up automatically when you make an ARC.


You can issue it by yourself at the publishing machine on the first floor of the Mun-Heon Hall(문헌관). Alternatively, you can issue it online at Hongik University-certpia website (홍익대학교 - certpia).