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Hongik University Office of International Affairs


글로벌 학술적 글쓰기 컨설팅
Global Academic Writing Consultation

The 'Global Academic Writing Consultation Program' is operated under University Innovation Support Project with the purpose of helping international graduate students by improving their thesis, assignments and individual research writing abilities to complete their degree.



  • International graduate students currently enrolled in Seoul Campus.


  • International graduate students and Korean graduate students will be matched by 1:1 by academic advisors in the semester. If there is no recommendation, the Office of International Affairs will match Korean graduate students who got recommendation from the graduate school and carry out the consultation.

Tutor Scholarship


  • max. KRW 200,000 for individual research and max. KRW 300,000 for thesis (each tutor can receive max. KRW 1,200,000 per semester)


  • The scholarship will be provided to Korean graduate students who participate in the program
  • Each student can receive max. KRW 1,200,000 per semester
    • It can be received with other internal scholarship
    • The scholarship could be paid as excess of tuition


  • Global Academic Writing Consultation (Tutor) application form
  • The thesis, assignment or individual research before and after consulting, or correction data, or written records of every consulting session before and after completing etc.
  • Scholarship payment form



  • Any of Hongik University's graduate students with remarkable writing abilities (The academic advisor or the professor in charge of the course must sign at the bottom of the form.)


  • Any international graduate students of Hongik University who needs writing consultation in their thesis, individual assignments etc. (students on leave of absence can also apply) (The academic advisor or the professor in charge of the course must sign at the bottom of the form.)


  • One tutor and one tutee in a team
  • Each major department will match the tutor and tutee based on the content of the applications, and then submit to the Office of International Affairs

Activity Details

  • Major and liberal arts subjects requiring writing consultation in thesis or individual assignments

Period of Activity

  • One semester


  • If any cheating is unveiled during tutoring, the student is automatically stripped of their tutor qualification
  • If the student does not meet the deadline for collection of consultation draft(s), the scholarship will not be provided
  • The consultation draft(s) must be submitted through email with the original copies
Academic Writing consultation
Major Studies Support Program
  • This program matches Korean(or international) graduate students and international graduate students, in the same major department to support their overall major study.
  • Period of Activity : one semester


Tutor (Korean or international students)

  • Graduate students enrolled in Seoul Campus who had 3.5 or higher GPA in the previous semester

Tutee (International students)

  • International graduate students enrolled in Seoul Campus(including freshmen)



  • Right before each semester starts

How to

  • Fill out the application form and sign it before submission :
    Submission can be done by an e-mail

Tutor Scholarship


  • Based on University Innovation Support Project's procedure basis and operation guidelines
  • Each student can receive max. KRW 1,500,000 per semester (KRW 15,000 /hour)


  • Scholarship is provided based on the tutor & tutee's activity report submitted every month during the semester


  • If the tutor and tutee's reports don't match, scholarship will not be provided.
  • If the activity reports are not submitted by the deadline, the scholarship will not be provided.

Students' Self-directed Learning Club (Sejong)

Center for Teaching & Learning (Sejong)

  • Contact : 044-860-2001~5

International Students Employment Support

Career Development Center

  • Contact : 02-320-1361~2

Culture & Arts Experience Program

Program for Int'l Students to participate in Culture & Arts experiences

  • Subjects : Hongik University international undergraduate students
  • Content : Culture & Arts program planned by students majoring Arts & Cultural Management of Graduate School of Business