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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

Part-time job

Part-time job

If a student wants a part-time job, they must receive permission from the school and the Immigration Office in advance first.


  • Grades : must have received a C (2.0) or higher average grade the last semester, based on the application date (if the scores are unsatisfactory, the application is rejected)
  • Korean proficiency : TOPIK level 3 or higher for undergraduate students in their 1st and 2nd year, level 4 or higher for undergraduate students in their 3rd and 4th year, as well as master/doctorate students (if the Korean proficiency is unsatisfactory, the allowed working time may be restricted)

Allowed Hours

Allowable hours
Course Grade Korean proficiency (TOPIK) Allowed Working Hours Authorization college(weekday)
Weekday Weekend
Undergraduate 1st or 2nd level 3 O 20hours No limit 25hours
X 10hours
3, 4 level 4 O 20hours No limit 25hours
X 10hours
Master/Doctor N/A level 4 O 30hours No limit 35hours
X 15hours

Permitted period and place

  • During the student’s period of stay, within one year the limit is up to 2 work places.
  • Foreign language education facilities for underage students (English Kids Cafe, English Camp, Foreign Language Institute, etc.) and employment activities that do not have direct employment contracts with an employer (delivery agency rider activities, etc.) are restricted.
  • It is not possible to get a job at a place where restrictions on the type of work and the conditions for the place. (such as a place that harms individual diplomacy and good customs, etc.) - For related matters, please contact the International Student Support Office.
  • If the workplace is changed, a new part-time job permit must be obtained in advance.

Documents to be submitted

  • Passport, foreigner registration certificate, and integrated request form
  • Temporary employment certificate (Ensure that the employer and business owner's name and signature are verified) - Signature of the person in charge in the school is required.
  • Grade transcript
  • Certificate of TOPIK
  • Standard labor contract (Write down the hourly wage, work details, and specific working hours)
  • Photocopy of certificate of business registration

Procedure of permission

  1. 01The student and the employer fill out the ‘Standard Labor Contract’
  2. 02Fill out the ‘Part-Time Work of Foreign Student Confirmation Form’
  3. 03Visit the International Student Support office for confirmation with the person in charge
  4. 04Apply online or by visiting the Immigration Office
    (Online application: > Civils requests > Electronic requests > Part-time Employment Permission for International Students and Language Trainees)
  5. 05After receiving permit, start the part-time job

Violator of the part-time job procedure

In the case of unpermitted employment or violation of conditions (working hours, workplace, etc.) after receiving permission, the student’s qualifications for studying abroad may be cancelled and receive punishment such as deportation.