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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

Medical insurance

Medical insurance

According to the Ministry of Education’s guidelines, all foreign students must have medical insurance. Medical insurance is a necessary condition to be enrolled in school and to receive a visa. In the case a student has no insurance, they may receive disadvantages when it comes to visa issuance, registration, issuance of certificates, etc. Int’l students of Hongik University can easily register for medical insurance through a group insurance coordinated by the school.

  • Qualifications : Foreign students staying 90days or longer in Korea

Available medical insurance

National Health Insurance
National health insurance
Subscription Method After filling out the application form, visit the National Health Insurance Service branch office for foreigners, and submit the application
Price 56,030KRW/month(since March,2022)
※ Since it is calculated from the date of registration, Please contact the National Health Insurance Corporation (1577-1000) for the exact premium.
Customer Service 1577-1000 (Korean), 033-811-2000 (Foreign languages)
School group insurance
School group insurance
Insurance company KB Insurance
Subscription Method Payment is done together with the school’s tuition
Price About34,000KRW / 6 months(including 1 semester and vacation)

Subscribers of NHIS or other private insurances must submit a photocopy of their insurance card/certificate to the International Student Support office every semester, and must maintain and renew it up until graduation.