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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

Issuance of Student Visa

Issuance of a student visa

A student visa (D-2) is for foreigners who want to attend regular courses (bachelor, master, doctor) or short-term courses (exchange program) at a university.

  • Qualification: Int’l students who have no visa or other visas (D-4, etc.)
  • Procedure:The student must make a reservation on Hi Korea’s website ( and then visit the Immigration Office with the reservation certificate.
  • Documents to be submitted
    • The student should make a reservation of visit in the website of Hi Korea ( and then visit Immigration Office with the reservation certificate.
    • Integrated application form (download the form from Appendix 1 or Hi Korea)
    • Passport (original copy and photocopy)
    • One passport photograph (taken within three months)
    • Photocopy of school registration certificate
    • Original or Copy of standard admission letter
      → Standard Admission Application Period : Early February (first semester)/Early August (second semester)
      ※ The exact application period is provided separately.
    • Foreigner registration certificate (If you have one)
    • Document to prove final academic background (certificate of graduation and certificate of degree, etc.)
    • Document to prove financial ability ( Student's balance certificate of showing at least USD 20,000, tuition payment certificate, and scholar certificate, etc. )
    • Document to prove domestic relations (only when balance certificate of the parent is submitted)
    • Service charge (KRW 130,000 in cash)

Visa Extension

  • Qualification: Int’l students with a student visa. Request for extension is possible four months before the expiration date.
  • Documents to be submitted
    • Integrated application form (download the form from Appendix 1 or Hi Korea)
    • Passport (original copy and photocopy)
    • Foreigner registration certificate
    • Certificate of studentship and certificate of a research student, etc.
    • Grade transcript (if GPA is 2.0 or less, an explanatory statement is required.)
    • Document to prove financial ability (not less than KRW 12,000,000; if credits are 2.5 or higher, not required)
    • Document to prove staying place (Lease contract, certificate of lodging, and receipt of dormitory expenses, etc.)
    • Tutor’s written confirmation of thesis guide schedule (limited to graduate students for thesis registration or research registration)
    • Service charge (KRW 60,000 in cash)
    • Tuberculosis examination certificate (limited to the students from Nepal, Russia, Malaysia, Mongol, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, or Philippine)
How to get a tuberculosis examination certificate>
  1. 01Visit the health center near school (Mapo Health Center)
  2. 02Submit an ID picture, medical report, passport (including D-2 visa)
  3. 03Tuberculosis examination
  4. 04The tuberculosis examination certification will be min. issued after one day
Location of Mapo Health Center : 212, Worldcup-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (five minutes of walking distance from Exit 1 of Mapo-gu Office Station of Subway #6)

Visa in case of a leave or return

  • If the student takes a leave of absence, their D-2 visa gets cancelled. The student must leave Korea within 30 days of applying, and in case departure is difficult due to disease or accident etc., they must report it to the Immigration Office and obtain qualification for stay.
  • When returning, the student must immigrate with a C-3-1 (some countries only) or D-2 visa. In case the student would immigrate with a C-3-2 or C-3-9 etc. visa, they cannot change it to a D-2-2 in Korea, so they would have to request visa issuance at International Student Support office, then return to their home country and obtain a new D-2 visa.
  • Before applying for a leave of absence, the student must visit the International Student Support Office for guidance, and must also contact the office before returning (late January/July) for visa-related guidance.

Visa in case of departure during a semester

  • In case of departure from the country during the semester, the student must visit the International Student Support office before leaving and fill in the ‘departure report’. Students who do not fill in the form and their whereabouts cannot be verified, might have their D-2 visa cancelled as well as be issued with a ban to entry.
  • The student must visit the International Student Support office after returning to Korea and sign the ‘school return’ on the ‘departure report’ form.