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Hongik University Office of International Affairs

FAQ regarding National health insurance(NHI)

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As we informed you previously, International students staying in Korea are subject to mandatory subscription to National health insurance(NHI) run by Korean government from March 1,2021.


We are sharing FAQ as below, so please refer to it.


Q1.When will I be enrolled in the NHI?

A1. It varies depending on your visa type. For D2(Overseas study) visa holder, you are automatically enrolled in NHI from the date of your Alien registration in Korea. 

   If you already had alien registration and leave korea and come back again(reentry), you are enrolled in NHI from your arrival date.


Q2. The gap between my arrival date and alien registration date,  Can I apply for the NHI?

A2. No. You can't apply for NHI before your Alien registration. you can buy a private insurance individually for the time-gap(between you arrival date and alien registration).


Q3. How's the coverage of NHI?

A3. Please refer to NHI website for more details. (

        If you want more coverage, you can buy a private insurance additionally by yourself.

Q4. Monthly payment of the NHI?

A4. NHI reduce the insurance fee for international student(D2 Visa holder) by February 2023.

   The reduced monthly insurance is around 56,000KRW.(subject to change by the Korean government policy)


Q5. How can I make a payment for the insurance?

A5. The bill will be delivered to your address in Korea or you can apply for electronic billing via NHI service center.


Q6. Customer service center of NHI?



Please refer to the attached file for more information and directly contact to NHI service center for more inquiry.